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Posted: 04/29/05 04:32 AM
Author: let
Location: romania
Posts: 2


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read this
people, i need your help.
i'm 17 and i remember seeing a video on mtv when i was very little, i desperately want to find it because it's one of those videos that marked me. ok, so, in the video, there's a park and it's snowing with big snow flakes. there was a girl and the singer. the set is very dark and the song is rather strange...i know there are very little details, but please, the song was aired in the late 80's, early 90's, please, please, think about it and post a msg.

Posted: 05/25/05 12:08 AM
Location: Canada
Posts: 10


read this
Just taking a stab at this........Perhaps the Pogues, Fairytale of New York City...Did the guy singing have really bad teeth?

Aaron From OHWC
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