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Posted: 04/10/05 08:49 PM
Author: cobain_1979
Location: usa
Posts: 10


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song i need help with
ok, i'll make a long story short. i used to work at this video store that had MUZAK (it's like satellite radio) anyway, i used to listen to the alternative station on there (even though i wasn't supposed to) and they would showcase alot of alternative from the nineties. this was like in 98-99 when i worked there. and there was this song they used to play and i need to know if anyone knows what it might be. it kinda sounded like the song "free" by phish. and the only thing that i can remember about the song is the singer would sing the verse and he would start to like sing faster and then the chorus would be "i'm luckkkkyyyyy" like kinda drawn out or "i'm riggghhhttt herrre" i know that's kinda lame but if it sparks anything in anyone please let me know!!!

Posted: 05/30/05 03:12 AM
Author: radiophonic
Location: USA
Posts: 21


song i need help with
That sounds vaugly familiar, so I will keep an ear out for you.
Posted: 12/05/05 07:10 PM
Author: onyxhotel28
Location: USA
Posts: 3


song i need help with
try googling using quotes with phrases from the song then after the quote write the word lyrics and read lyrics that pop up until hopefully you seem one that matches

Aaron From OHWC
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