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Posted: 11/10/08 12:49 PM
Author: pulp44
Location: Miami
Posts: 1


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HELP! song to an ex getting married
Looking for the artist/title of a song I heard recently.

The track is a folk or country song, about a guy whose former lover is getting married, and he is saying to her that her heard the news or got the invitation or something like that, and that his wedding gift to her will be to not show up, to not disrupt, to not interfere?that his greatest act of love now would be to stay away.

Can anyone help?!

Posted: 12/09/08 04:48 AM
Author: Schoeler
Location: Tucson,Arizona
Posts: 9


HELP! song to an ex getting married
The song sounds like "I Do" by Jude

"I got a letter today, an invitation,
and the writing looked like you.
Hello, how are you?
and by the way, please rsvp I do.

I thought of writing sad words
of how it used to be,
but I didn't want to bring you down, no.

I guess the bells will ring pretty well
there without me.
Don't worry baby I'll wear the thorny crown,
I will play the crown.

If you think that I don't love you
you're just wrong.
And that don't matter now anyway.
I couldn't bear to see you up there
with the white dress on.

Here's my vow to you,
I'll stay away."

Aaron From OHWC
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