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Posted: 03/04/05 08:01 PM
Author: Issaacc
Location: USA-MN
Posts: 1


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Bizarre story - barrio repeating song
Supposed to find a song - thanks in advance for any help. We heard it in the mall in Hot Topic (don't ask why we were in Hot Topic). The song gets faster and faster as it goes and it repeats the lyrics over and over. I think the last of the repeated lyrics are "In the barrio" Thanks again for any help.

Posted: 03/05/05 04:27 AM
Author: sourboy
Location: hell
Posts: 6


Bizarre story - barrio repeating song
Hot Topics is cool, MOA's especially - they can get any music from anywhere - that's enough to go in there.

I think I know the song you're referring to - any other lyrics?

Aaron From OHWC
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