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Posted: 10/18/07 09:12 AM
Author: pom82
Location: Canada
Posts: 1


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whoa oh oh oh oh
thats all i know from the song, it sound like pap roach, it a new song, i heard it on the buzz a couple of times and it kicks ass
can anyone help please?

Posted: 10/18/07 06:34 PM
Author: GhostPhase310
Location: California
Posts: 7


whoa oh oh oh oh
I dont know, is it by finger eleven?
Posted: 11/17/07 05:58 AM
Author: Phiaa
Location: Berlin, Germany
Posts: 1


whoa oh oh oh oh
well... maybe its the same song.. i heard it just a few secs.. and all i remember is coming out of the shadow eh eh eh or well... yeah maybe slightly different
and i'd also like to know how the song's called:)
Posted: 12/06/07 10:10 PM
Author: culeguy
Location: milkyway
Posts: 2


whoa oh oh oh oh
If it's the finger 11 song I think it's called paralyze.

Aaron From OHWC
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