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Posted: 10/12/07 02:40 AM
Author: PlunX
Location: Dallas, Tx
Posts: 1


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Song from 1996/1997? Bad desc...
Alright, I really don't expect any answers, but I live in Dallas, Tx. and around Christmas of 1996, a song was getting playing on KDGE (94.5, The EDGE) that sarted with just drums, like a simple bass drum and snare pattern that went into harder stuff. This may make me sound really stupid, but the only thing I remember from the lyrics is the guy saying something that sounded similar to "greg" or "craig." The song never really went into a 'hard' part, I just mainly remember the simple drum pattern and the guy singing. Seems like the song came out the same time as "Cumbersome", "December", etc. Though I don't expect it, any help would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

Aaron From OHWC
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