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Posted: 10/03/07 07:23 PM
Author: Suzi_Q
Location: Australia
Posts: 1


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please help - song written round a descending major scale
Hi guys
If anyone has any idea about this, its a long shot, but none of the triple j presenters could help me.
The song was played a lot a couple of years ago, on jjj, and its male vocals, nice clean easy listening kind of vocals too, the song has a 6/8 feel, and the major scale is descending the entire way through, i always wanted to write a song with a major scale, and they did it beautifully.
i thought it was epicure, or evermore, or an 'e' word band name, or some other aussie male vocals lead band big round then, not having lyrics is a down fall, but im not giving up hope on finding it :)
anyway, if there's anyone that may have some idea on what im talking about drop me a line :)

Aaron From OHWC
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