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Posted: 06/24/07 04:20 PM
Author: [email protected]
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Andrew's Shadow
I've been looking for this song that was a sort of one-hit wonder in the mid 90's post-NIRVANA alternative rock era. It was popular around the the time BUSH was coming out. It has a simple, slow, one chord droll, the band and singer sounds similar to PEARL JAM or TEMPLE OF THE DOG. I THOUGHT the name of the song was ANDREW'S SHADOW and I THOUGHT the lyrics, sung slowly, went something like this:

Come and see me
Can't you see me?
It's so easy
To believe in you
I believe in you

Broken arrow
Straight and narrow
Help the people
To believe in now
I believe in now

Andrew's Shadow! (2)

All searches I've done for these lyrics and that title have yielded no results. The song really isn't that good, I'm just interested in finding it for sentimental reasons. Does anyone have any idea what song this is or who the artist might be?

Aaron From OHWC
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