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Posted: 01/12/05 05:17 PM
Author: Vampgrrl
Location: usa
Posts: 12


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and yet another song
Hello again. I heard this song on a college mix tape from around 1993 that I had forgotten about. The chorus is something like: World in fascination
As we're moving thru space
Without knowing where we're going to
We'll have to take our chances
World in fascination
As we're moving thru time
Don't know where we're going
But I'm sure that we'll be just fine.
I searched for "world in fascination" and came up with nothing. Help me again please. Thanks!!!

Posted: 01/12/05 05:38 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


and yet another song
Found this on www.Clusty.net (a new search engine)

Song: World in Fascination [CD Single]

Artist: Machine in Motion

Original Release Date: August 4, 1992


Posted - 05/22/2003 : 19:39:18

"I heard this song only a few times. Don't know the artist or title.
Any ideas from the gallery would be awesome!!!

World Infascination as we're turning in space.....Without knowing where we're going to we'll have to take our chances"

Posted - 05/22/2003 : 20:47:16


I think the song you are looking for is "World in Fascination" by Machine in Motion.



Note: Since you said that you had trouble finding the song on Google, I used Clusty.net then took the name of the band and entered that into Google.


Aaron From OHWC
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