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Posted: 06/17/07 10:19 PM
Author: novaneil
Location: USA
Posts: 1


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HELP been looking for YEARS!!!
the song is probably late 90's alternative rock it goes
"one hundred two hundred three hundred ... found dead...dead
and im alone with out my TV" Kind of sounds like an REM mixed with creed.
please help this is driving me F'n CRAZY

Posted: 06/28/07 09:12 AM
Author: mathias1979
Location: Connecticut
Posts: 12


HELP been looking for YEARS!!!
Funny...I was just trying to remember this song a couple days ago...although I had the bonus of remembering a portion of the band name. Anyway...its

Mighty K.C. by For Squirrels
Posted: 06/30/07 04:29 PM
Author: Dan
Location: Claybricks
Posts: 2969


HELP been looking for YEARS!!!
adding to mathias1979's identification...

Here's the video...

For Squirrels - Mighty K.C.

Click to watch the video


Aaron From OHWC
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