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Posted: 08/04/06 10:35 PM
Author: anothertattoo
Location: Indy
Posts: 1


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Need serious help.........its driving me crazy
Ok here it goes, kinda sounds like a Dishwalla power ballad, early to mid 90s and I heard it recently on a retro 90s station. It rocks but is more introverted and mellow (I know this probably makes no sense)
The lyrics are something like:

"long time ago.....I remember baby" also
"all by myself....right here waiting.....I remember baby"

The lyric may be "I remember waiting" instead "I remember baby"
Any help would be great!!!!

Posted: 03/09/08 10:44 PM
Author: scarecrow1f9
Location: Shreveport
Posts: 3


Need serious help.........its driving me crazy
well this was posted years ago, but the artist is blacklab and the song is Time ago. excellent song. They also released wash it away - which you may have liked at the time as well.

Aaron From OHWC
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