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Posted: 11/16/10 10:53 PM
Author: sophiaknit
Location: USA
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Entourage-What Makes It A Success?

I take the Entourage as a cautionary tale, the entertainment industry is where I started to get my feet wet. There is much truth in this piece of fictional show: either everyone wants a piece of himself or does not know his name and you can not spend a minute of your time. In my short time spent dealing with people from the industry on both coasts, I have found more than flips and the ego out of control than I can count. ??Entourage?? did an excellent job exposing the dangers of life in Los Angeles while still managing to present them in a very nice way.The surface world is that an entertainment company is successfully navigated through four distinct personalities that make up the Entourage. The four personalities of rising stars, has-beens, Bum, and Guy is sensible to equalize the distribution and character of the whole world to enjoy or relate to. Their friendship and their dependence on each other make the characters a success in the show.

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Aaron From OHWC
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