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Posted: 11/16/09 01:08 AM
Author: toymatinee
Location: Canada
Posts: 1


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I can not find this song for the life of me
Now, the description might be slightly vague, but I'm trying my hardest!

These are the lyrics I remember

"(Mama, Momma) always knew what's right, and Jesus was her man. Then one day when the Devil came knockin' and this is what she (said, sang). She (said, sang) you and I diamonds..."

"You could always make a sinner of a saint"

I used to work at Subway, and heard it on the corporate radio station. It sounds early to mid 90's, but I cannot find lyrics or anything related to this song anywhere on the internet.

It's been 4 years! Please help! :)

Aaron From OHWC
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