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Posted: 04/15/06 04:52 PM
Author: brytneykrysteen
Location: USA
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the whoop whoop song
i once burned a mixed CD but since then i lost it. and today i was cleaning and i found the case that i kept the CD in and the list of songs that was on the CD. one of the songs was "the whoop whoop song". i called it this because i never knew the real name of the song and now it's been so long since i've heard the song that i can't really remember any of the lyrics. all i can remember of the song is the singer (a guy) saying "whoop whoop whoop whoop.." alot of times and one part "oh ay ay ay.." i've tried to remember some of the actual words but no luck. it's NOT a rap song.. it's more alternative or POSSIBLY punk i'm not sure. pleeeeeease help me. :D

Posted: 05/21/06 04:17 PM
Author: mushroomlife
Location: under your bed......
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the whoop whoop song
is it possibly System Of A Down - I-E-A-I-A-I-O .....?

Aaron From OHWC
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