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Posted: 03/15/06 07:38 PM
Author: Locust
Location: USA
Posts: 14


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Clouds or Clowns Song /1991-1992
This was a group that came out with an album around 1991 or 1992. I believe the band was not so much as grunge alternative as it what is more of an alternative style. I believe the band had a femal singer. I do not remember the band or the song being very popular, but it was big on the college campus. It was a slower type of song but not necessarily a ballad. I think the CD cover had a red background to it.

I need the name of the band and the name of the song.

Posted: 03/20/06 11:59 PM
Author: pete
Location: planet porphyry
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Clouds or Clowns Song /1991-1992
There was an Australian alternative band at that time called Clouds, with a couple of female singers. I don't recall if they were played on US college radio, but it's quite likely. Their biggest album was 'Penny Century' and a couple of singles were 'Souleater' and 'Cloud Factory'.

Aaron From OHWC
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