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Posted: 01/13/06 08:44 PM
Author: OHgwm1973
Location: Ohio
Posts: 1


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What's the name and artist?
I've heard this song around and no one knows who it is or what the name of the song is either.
Here are the lyrics that I was able to get down the last time I heard it:

There's a place I dream about
Where the sky is deep and blue.
(missed a line)
We can start all over again.

Sha la la la la la la....

Anyone know it? The woman singing has a very soft and sweet voice. I've heard it on Muzak her and there and on an episode of Veronica Mars.

Posted: 01/13/06 08:54 PM
Author: malikborz
Location: Toronto,Canada
Posts: 15


What's the name and artist?
I know it,

Artist : Garden State

Song Title : Edge Of The Ocean
Posted: 11/13/07 06:55 PM
Author: Schoeler
Location: Tucson,Arizona
Posts: 9


What's the name and artist?
The artist is actually Ivy, title is right though.

Aaron From OHWC
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